Sujitt Singh
Father of Shloka, Grade 1
Theme presentations, field trips, introduction to rules of various games, exposure to various forms of dance and music, computer basics, interactive teaching methods and a school counselor who even counsels us…. Everything about Goldcrest High is so different… What a positive difference it has made in my daughter already…
Ashish & Nimisha Bhansali
Parents of Manav, Grade 3

Goldcrest High has been instilling the right values and confidence in the kids… helping them bloom in their own unique individualistic ways… We were a little hesitant about switching schools but now our only complaint is that this school should have started when we began our schooling…

Jenny Swaminathan
Mother of Aditya, Grade 2
We were living in the Gulf for six years and Aditya has been to some of the best schools in Muscat and Dubai, but compared to all those schools, I find he is the happiest at Goldcrest High…. He says he need not worry about anything as his teachers are there to help him… Thank you all from a happy parent.
Jenny Swaminathan
Mother of Aditya, Grade 2
I had a wonderful experience with Goldcrest High, just regret that it was for a short time. The school has helped me at every step whenever I needed their help. I only wish that I was here to see the whole school completed as the privileges would have been more for the kids. I always felt I was a part of the school. I even now tell people that Goldcrest High will be the best not only in Vashi but also in Mumbai. Even though I will be in Dubai, I will love to see Goldcrest's achievements in the news papers. Aditya will miss all his teachers and friends. If we come back to India I am sure we will be back at Goldcrest high only so please reserve a seat for Aditya.

Thank you for all your help and support. Happiest parent,
Mrs. Jagdeep Kaur
Parent of Grade 5 and Grade 2
When we moved from USA to India, Schooling and education for my children was the biggest challenge as the Indian Culture and Indian System of education was completely new for them. In particular the National and Local Language i.e. Hindi and Marathi posed a big challenge for both us parents and kids.

My kids were moving to Grade 5 and Grade 2. In and around Navi Mumbai we found a large number of International Schools teaching the ICSE curriculum. Making a choice among them was also a difficult task. After a lot of research and discussion, we narrowed our choice between two to three Schools which included Goldcrest High.

On our visit to the school and interaction with the parents and management we found GOLDCREST HIGH topped the choice.

During the last Academic Year, even though my children were new to the system and environment we found that the co-operative and listing attitude of School Teachers, Coordinator, Principal and the Staff was extremely helpful and supportive.

They gave my kids a lot of time, guidance and a friendly atmosphere to settle down and follow the School Curriculum.

It is a matter of pleasure that during this short span there has been a drastic change in the outlook of the school and the Annual Day, Sports Day as well as the School Excursion was, in my view, par excellence.

We wish the school all the best in future programmes and its journey to help the educational system.
Mrs Meena Bhatia
Mother of Rhea Bhatia - Grade V
Yash Bhatia - Grade II

Goldcrest High

It was a tough decision to change my children's school but I think it was a wise one, to enrol them with Goldcrest High. A very tough, but good decision undoubtedly!

Students at Goldcrest high are given an overall exposure to various things apart from an excellent education program. The various field trips organized by the school have been an eye opener for the children exposing them to various forms of art, flora, fauna and religious places. I can see a marked difference in the personality of my children studying in grades V and II.

The annual day celebrations, based on the lines of Shri Rabindranath Tagore's play, Chandalika, was beautifully enacted by all the children. It was heart warming to see the efforts put in by the teachers in making all the children confident to come on stage and give their best performances. The sports day was also a fun filled day not only for the children but also for the parents and invitees.

An overall positive attitude towards education, sports and extra-curricular activities makes this school a modern Gurukul.

Wishing the Staff and Management all the best in all their up-coming endeavours at the school.

Thanking you
Announcement Announcement
GHV is proud to announce its affiliation to the Council For The Indian School Certificate Examinations (ICSE)   •   Admissions open for 2012 & 2013 : Playgroup and Grade 1 to Grade 7.